• Clip-In Hair Extensions

  • Clip-In Hair Extensions

SASA Luxury Magnetic Lashes

SASA Luxury Magnetic lashes are a quick and easy way to play up your eyes. Now you can simply put your lashes on by applying our black magnetic liner and placing our magnetic lashes over the liner. Our lashes have 5 small magnetic strips along the inside of the lash line which allows it to adhere to the magnetic liner. Our magnetic liner is waterproof and will last all day. We take pride in knowing that our lashes are Vegan and Cruelty-free. In your Lash case you will receive a pair of extra large tweezers that can be used to apply your lashes. Our job is to make your lash experience easy and convenient. 




Is it safe to have magnets that close to the eye? Yes. It's not a problem with the magnets adhering to the eyelid skin, as long as they don't accidentally penetrate into your eye. Magnets do not cause any kind of disruption in your eye movements or your vision.

Are the  SASA magnetic lashes reusable?
Yes you can reuse them over and over again. up to 40-50 times

How long do SASA magnetic lashes last?
They will last for as long as you take care of them.

What  are SASA magnetic lashes made out of?
Our lashes are Vegan and cruelty free! We provide cruelty free 3DMink lashes that are created from fur shedding. We do not harm any Animals within the process. Our silk lashes are made from synthetic silk like fibers instead of silk worms. Those lashes are vegan.

Can I swim  and with my magnetic lashes?
We advise you not to get your magnetic lashes wet  or sleep with as it can manipulate the lash hairs.

What happens if I run out of liner?
We will be selling liner refills on our website.

How do I clean my Magnetic lashes?

To clean your magnetic lash use makeup remover on a Q- Tip or a makeup remover wipe. Preferable Neutrogena Wipes.